3 Photography Gift Ideas

Need some quick gift ideas for a photographer? Here’s 3 quick gift ideas!

An Impressive (Non-Italian) Tripod

Do you want a top-quality tripod with fluid video head, without the fancy Italian name and price tag?  Benro is a name you should look at.

A Rain Jacket for your Camera

Have you ever been outdoors with your camera when it started raining? Ever wondered if there’s something better than trash bags to protect your expensive photography investments?

"Get a Grip” on Your DJI Ronin-S

Do you wish you could control your DJI Ronin-S a little easier? Then get handle on things, and make your DJI Ronin-S much more comfortable to operate!

DJI Ronin-S and Canon 80D - A "Love/Hate" Relationship

Do you wish you could use the “record” button on your DJI Ronin-S to start video recording on your Canon 80D, but can’t figure out how to make it work?  You can! Here’s how…